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He is one of the spearheads of the French reggae scene. Almost a phenomenon, filling theaters wherever it goes without a wave of media and enjoying an incredible international aura (European tours, the Pacific, North America and Africa). This excitement of the crowds, Naâman owes it to stage performances that are both fiery and embodied. It is therefore difficult not to be impressed by the impressive trajectory of this young thirty-year-old reggae player who is at once hybrid, invigorating and unifying. Who tumbled into the musical landscape ten years ago after sending graphic design studies to the winds and multiplying jams in bars, with the strength of a vitamin D. 


Immediate, dazzling success, driven by Deep Rockers, Back a Yard, the first album recorded in Kingston in the legendary studio of Harry J. Already this groovy and unstoppable flow. Already this collusion between Jamaican sounds and the urban approach. Already this fraternal, humanist, spontaneous and colorful vision. Already the choice of English to reach universality. Naâman - Martin Mussard for civil status - chose his nickname from the Bible. Above all, he goes where his heart leads him, working tirelessly on the workbench of his desires. And never stops expanding the size of his fan club: half a million followers, music videos whose views reach nine figures, gold records, appearances at renowned festivals (Printemps de Bourges , Francofolies de La Rochelle, La Fête de l'Humanité, Reggae Sun Ska...), remarkable featurings with Toots and The Maytals or Nemir. There is in the native Dieppois an openness to the world, a contagious sincerity, adventurous inclinations, healthy claims, a positive energy. Free spirit, always in balance between personal and spiritual quest. Refusal to stand still or to apply the same recipe. Difficult, moreover, to find an appropriate and definitive term for this sound mixing roots in the lineage of Damian Marley. As if his unconscious attraction were to cover the whole of a spectrum where all sensations would fit. On Beyond, he notably injected soul hues, Caribbean breakthroughs and gospel choirs. This third studio delivery, followed by a live one published in 2019, marked the end of a chapter. So far, immersed in a kind of frenetic whirlwind, Naâman hadn't known the pause button. Need a break, to recharge, to redistribute the cards. Also use constraints related to the health context to extend the creation time. Take the reins, for the first time, of the artistic direction. So Temple Road, in resonance with the name of the street in which he lives in Goa. India? Heart stroke. Thunderbolt. His refuge, his place of life for six years now. It was there that he wrote almost all of the songs. Disc refined, organic, dense, of alchemist, which faces more acoustic climates, translates intentions aiming to clarify a mental perception as well as its own intimate hatching. Naâman gives you an appointment on March 18, to discover this brand new album "Temple Road". An escape, a trip, a getaway in India…

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